Customized Brand Media and
Differentiated Newsletter
Our hybrid webzine and newsletter services are made to boost your brand equity and
establish strong connections with your customers by applying data-driven insights.
Digital Communication,
Marketing & More
Your very own tech and data-driven digital marketing expert group.
Innovation and digital transformation are at the core of what we do.
Make it Digital,
Make it Alive
Specializing in creative contents, SEO/SEM, live commerce, and an integrated digital mix plan.
We make everything digital.
NO.1 Ad Network
Platform Company
By utilizing ADX-based matching of optimal media and advertisements,
we provide greater efficiency and profitability to both advertisers and publishers.
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Digital Experience
All the Way

As a leading digital communication company, we produce a variety of video contents that range from campaign launching videos and SNS viral clips to company talk shows and backstage interviews.

Full Service
Digital Marketing · PR

From digital marketing strategy implementation to content planning & production, media mix buying, online campaign promotion, advertisement effect analysis service and PR, we provide total digital marketing services to enhance customer brand value and improve the marketing process.

넥스트페이퍼 디지털 마케팅
넥스트페이퍼 디지털 마케팅
넥스트페이퍼 디지털 마케팅

Brand·Public Sectors
Content Marketing Service

What differentiates our service? We specialize not only in content production, but also web development. From SNS Channel Operation to Webzine development and data analysis reports, we provide a full-service marketing solution.

– Content strategy/field investigation – PHOTO/video filming – Event Operation
– Field Study – Website/CMS Implementation – SNS Channel Operation
– Editing/Design – Content Publishing – Promotional Marketing Support

AD Network Platform Service

As Google’s Certified Publishing Partner, we match the optimal media and advertisements based on ADX (Ad Exchange). Experience higher efficiency and proficiency via Nextpaper’s TDN service which incorporates Korea’s premium lifestyle media-based ad network.

– Google’s Certified Publishing Partner

– Effective targeting of ads via Google DV360

– Optimized revenue via ad exchange based ads

– Global-based programmatic buying ad support


Wine Marketing

With our wine experts, we connect producers and consumers via consultations and strategies. Experience new possibilities in the wine and food marketing industry.

– Webinar, Master Class Operation and Promotion

– Wine-specialized creative content creation and strategy

– B2B Trading Marketing and PR Campaign Strategy Implementation


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